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Saginaw Well I just shipped out the reel tonight. Unless the buyer does not like it and sends it back, it is basically sold. As for the drag, yes, it was smooth. I only bought it for trout fishing, but I took it with me to Canada last fall for pinks and got tangled into a 20 king with it, smoking the teflon disc. I called Shakespeare and they said it was a design flaw and sent me a new disc for it, but it was a black disc, not like the white one before it. The new one could have been black teflon, but I am not sure. I would not recommend it for salmon or steelhead unless you are on a small river where the fish will not make long runs. That is with the typical weightforward line though.

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This is Page 2 of 14 pages. Bolton of Detroit beginning in or The simple, peckerhead style bait featured hand painted gill marks. This is an early Michigan classic that doesn’t appear very often.

The lures range from Craft Tackle includes hard baits, jigs and squid jigs. The brand also offers baits designed with a custom-made holographic foil to imitate real scales of baitfish under its Livia Series.

Usually it is the inexperienced or beginner collector that has not realized the importance of learning what they are purchasing or selling but after a few costly mistakes they will realize this fact. I have designed page to inform advanced and beginner collectors what books are available on this subject and where they can be purchased. All the work is done for you. To purchase a book from Amazon Books it’s as simple as clicking on the Amazon Icon.

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A Medalist was my first fly reel , purchased for me by my grandfather all those many years ago. It was a DA and I still have it. Since those early days I’ve gone on to fish Medalists in fresh water and salt and in every size from the petite to the hefty Along the way I’ve learned a lot about the personality of this iconic piece of gear. It’s a simple design, capable of performance far beyond that which its modest parts would suggest.

As popular as the Medalist is for fishermen and collectors alike, one would think that getting accurate and detailed information about servicing and maintaining this reel would be an easy click away.

Vintage Parker Distributors Fishing Tackle Catalog – – Fishing Lures – Fishing Rods – Reels – Fishing Lures – Tackle Boxes and More Pflueger Pontiac – Saltwater Reel – Surf Casting Reel – yds – ‘s Can be used as a reference for dating many items from the time frame. 67 pages full! No rips, no missing pages, does show a bit.

Only Reels so marked carry full factory warrantees and come with all factory packaging. Needs major attention or parts to use. Needs no parts and only minor repairs or cleaning to fish. Shows use and routine care. Needs no work to fish. Shows light to normal use, finish wear and is ready to take fishing. Above average condition with light use only. Never used, first time sold. Middle weight, Ball Bearing Reel. Folding handle and bail.

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If you have this website saved as a favorite, please go to www. Although southern states and earlier types are more highly sought after, these four definitely make a great addition to a collection. Was thinking about holding onto them. If you are in touch with the pulse of lure collecting you will undoubtedly realize that Storm lures have increased in popularity amongst collectors. Recent auction on eBay show that lures such as wiggle-warts are garnishing a routine price of dollars and sometimes more.

Look for early Storm lures to become the next Bagley in collecting.

South Bend Bait Company Fishing Lures & tackle for sale. Finding you excellent vintage & antique lures. You will find glass eye baits, Indiana Lures, Die Cut Ads, Old Plugs, Various Oreno lures, Fly Rod Flyrod Flies, Frogs, minnows, and more!

This book is the first to give plastics more complete coverage and to detail the impact of spinning on fishing lure collectibles. Also highlighted are modern reels and rods and miscellaneous collectibles. Over 1, color photos and original catalog pages and advertisements. The other lure books are great, don’t get me wrong, I have them all All those other authors treat the more modern lures like stepkids, even at shows they are just now getting into the displays and out of the tackle boxes.

Of course, now the value will go up on all my lures once everyone buys this book. There aren’t as many prices in the book as I had hoped but if you really read the book, he gives you plenty of aid here on what things are worth. The book is interesting too, not just a bunch of photos and catalog pages put together; you can tell this guy realy loves collecting and wants to share his info with us all. A great book I recommend it highly!

“vintage fishing reels” in Buy & Sell in Ontario

Erie is also home to historic Presque Isle Bay and its beautiful sandy beaches. With roots in the internet business dating back to , the principals of FishUSA. This background has allowed us to operate on our own servers and develop our own customized programming which, in turn, gives us the ability to quickly respond to a changing marketplace and rapidly-developing technology. In we launched a companion site, FishSalmonRiver.

Make Offer 1 Love Website And App Own A Dating Company. $1,, Mlm Hemp® Mlm Hemp® A Federal Registered Service Mark Is For Sale. 8ft Pflueger 3pcs Flyrod Model Psfy And Pflueger Fly Reel. $ Karl White Vol. 3 Antique Fishing Tackle Flyrod Baits. $ Fishing Tackle. Fishing Tackle Antiques And Collectables.

Calendar Early winter storms caused some damage to the dunes along this section of beach, and many of them have been rebuilt. As a result, beach access points across the dunes may have changed since your last visit. Please follow new signage for dune crossovers and do not climb or tread on dune areas that are not designated paths. This is critical in helping protect these fragile dunes from the wear of pedestrian traffic. We look forward to watching the warmer weather and calmer ocean waters rebuild the beautiful beaches and dunes you know and love, and we know you will, too!

Thank you for your understanding. Let the panoramic views of Pflueger? From the time you pull down the long rope-lined, paved drive to the rock parking area you? Coastal decor outside has the house dripping with coastal charm. Under the house there is covered parking for two as well as a fenced area for your four-legged friend. Just off the parking area a ramp leads to the elevator, with stops at every floor, for easy handicap-friendly access or to make light work of loading suitcases, groceries and the week?

Also under the home, you will find an outdoor shower with changing area, fish cleaning table with lights and water and a unique fishing pole storage area as well as a foot bath to keep your beach castle sand-free.

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Contact Us Fiberglass Rods Rick’s Rods specializes in buying, selling, consigning high quality vintage and collectible fiberglass fly fishing rods. Crafted by The Phillipson Rod Co. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The rod was described as follows: Lightest equipment of its kind in the world. Made for fresh water fishing, small stream work.

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Contact Us Fiberglass Rods Rick’s Rods specializes in buying, selling, consigning high quality vintage and collectible fiberglass fly fishing rods. Crafted by The Phillipson Rod Co. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The rod was described as follows: Lightest equipment of its kind in the world. Made for fresh water fishing, small stream work.

Most compact ever developed. The fiberglass rod weighs a mere one once. This rod is so sensitive, makes a small fish feel like a whopper. This 2 piece banty rod was matched with a Hardy Flyweight reel not included. Includes original green plastic tube and vinyl bag. The ferrules are Featherweight aluminum ferrules with an “O” ring.

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Early Fishing Tackle A look at fishing from days gone by. Glimpses of our fishing past through images, ephemera, letters and advertising. Including old Lures, boxes, Tournament casting,Floats,Bobbers,catalogs and tackle companies.

Collecting lures is a fun and fantastic enterprise; lures are part of our material culture that tells great stories about our past and our fishing. Collect lures for the joy of the lures, they are little works of art and that should be enough.

This famous British family business was probably founded in , although it is possible that they were making tackle on a small scale ten years before that. It seems that all the work J. By , Youngs were making five different reels, none of which bore their name, because they were all sold by other companies, a situation which continued right up to the Second World War, at which point the factory switched its output over to making parts for aircraft instruments and, interestingly enough, the brass surround for the Spitfire gun firing button.

The family threw themselves back into the tackle business in , but with a considerable change in direction – whereas once they had been happy for the Youngs name to remain in the background, it was given a much higher profile post-war. This was the first time many anglers realised how dominant Youngs had become in the reel market and it marks the period when Youngs began to decide what their reels should be called instead of their competitors; so it is from this moment that their reels become really collectible.

The four main lines the firm produced were the Beaudex and Pridex fly reels; the Rapidex centrepin; and the Ambidex, although new reels were added to the range, including a multiplier, as the years rolled past. By , the company was undisputed king of mass market British reel manufacturing and very few post-war anglers in Britain have not owned a Youngs reel at one time or another.

The sixties were a tough time for the British tackle industry, which was facing increasing competition from overseas and had failed to retool and redesign its products so that it could compete. Youngs was no exception to this, the Ambidex, for example, having been given little more than cosmetic updates since it grown a full bale arm. The unstoppable rise of Mitchell and far Eastern imports led to a merger with Allcocks in late , inevitably the Youngs name was submerged in this venture, although the famous lines of reels continued to be made.

By , a further merger had taken place, to form a conglomerate called Top Tackle, but this was a very short lived venture, which was promptly taken over by Shakespeare. Jim was happier with the idea of working as a subcontractor, so in early , he and Roger Bayliss formed the Swift Manufacturing Company, which built reels exclusively for Shakespeare; this situation continued until they discovered the J.

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