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It is popularly known as the Heart of Pakistan, due to its historical importance in the creation of Pakistan, and also being a cultural, political and educational centre of the country. It is also often called the Garden of the Mughals or the City of Gardens because of the heritage of the Mughal Empire. Punjabi is the native language of the province and is the most widely-spoken language in Lahore and rural areas. Urdu and English, however, are becoming more popular with younger generations since they are officially supported, whereas Punjabi has no official patronage. Many people of Lahore who speak Punjabi are known as Lahori Punjabi due to their use of a mixture of Punjabi and colloquial Urdu. Mid government estimates now put the population at approximately 10 million This makes Lahore the fifth largest city in South Asia and the 23rd largest city in the world. History Ptolemy, the celebrated astronomer and geographer, mentions in his Geographia a city called Labokla[situated on the route between the Indus River and Palibothra, or Pataliputra Patna , in a tract of country called Kasperia Kashmir , described as extending along the rivers Bidastes or Vitasta Jhelum , Sandabal or Chandra Bhaga Chenab , and Adris or Iravati Ravi. This city may be ancient Lahore. A legend, based on Hindu oral traditions, states that Lahore was named after Lava, son of the Hindu god Rama, who supposedly founded the city.

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Lahore’s Wazir Khan Mosque is considered to be the most ornately decorated Mughal-era mosque. Sher Shah Suri continued to rise in power, and seized Lahore in , though Humayun reconquered Lahore in February Jahangir[ edit ] During the reign of Emperor Jahangir in the early 17th century, Lahore’s bazaars were noted to be vibrant, frequented by foreigners, and stocked with a wide array of goods.

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June 25, by Editor 98 Comments Lahore Photos. Brief History of Lahore: Lahore, known as the City of Gardens and Colleges, is the capital of Punjab and the second largest city of Pakistan. It is the cultural heart of Pakistan and hosts most of the arts, festivals, film-making, music and intelligentsia of the country. Lahore was called by different names throughout history. To date there is no conclusive evidence as to when it was founded.

Some historians trace the history of the city as far back as years ago. However, historically, it has been proved that Lahore is at least 2, years old. Hieun-tsang, the famous Chinese pilgrim, has given a vivid description of Lahore which he visited in the early parts of the 7th century AD. From to , Lahore was part of the Mughal Empire. Then it was became a province of the Afghan Empire.

It was then ruled by Sikhs from to Lahore came under British rule in and remained so till This post Lahore Photos displays the old and rare pics of Lahore.

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PHA has made it mandatory for everyone to show their identity card at parks. They were denied entry at Jilani Park on Sunday, after the woman failed to prove her identity at the gate. The security guard gave Ali two choices: And this is what many park-goers in Lahore are going through. The watchmen at the entry points have been directed to allow families with senior citizens and children to enter the parks after checking the national identity cards CNICs of the male family members.

The rules are different, however, in the case of couples or groups of youngsters: Boys and girls aged under 18 must have their domicile if they want to enter the park otherwise it is a no-go, a guard at Jilani Park told The Express Tribune. But Ali, who lives in Gulberg, is not impressed. What kind of a security state, the government is turning Lahore into? He, however, admitted he only eased the rule after making sure he is not risking inspection from PHA officers.

The rules have been communicated to managements of 19 parks in Lahore. Though only some are following the instructions. Published in The Express Tribune, March 27th,

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Very cultural, historical city, great to visit the old city and get lost in the twisting alleyways!!! Good parks around – Race course park, Lawrence gardens, zoo is a good place to visit. Lots of rickshaws around bargain hard!

Joyland is an amusement park in Lahore. Joyland is an amusement park in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The park, adjacent to Fortress Stadium, was established in and is one of the largest recreation parks .

It is considered to be Pakistan’s most developed city with modern infrastructure. Apart from modern attractions, Lahore has a rich history dating back over a millennium. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub of Pakistan. If you have never been to Lahore before and have plan to visit Lahore, following are the public places that you must visit to experience the essence of Lahore.

This list includes modern as well as historical places of Lahore. It is Pakistan’s second largest mosque and fifth largest mosque in the world. It was constructured by Mughal Emperor Akbar between The fort manifests the rich traditions of Mughal architecture. Akbar also called as Akbar the great. It is name after then-governor of Lahore who was commonly known as Wazir Khan. This mosque is is famous for its extensive faience tile work. It has historical importance that connects back to foundation of Pakistan.

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The second largest city of Pakistan, Lahore is cherished as the heart and soul of Pakistan, From a rich history dating back to pre-Mughal days, Lahore has become a long way to step into modern times balancing its rich tradition with the falvor and fervor for modern living, Divine Gardens is an emerging epicentre on Main Defence road,adjacent to.

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It is widely considered the country’s cultural capital. The heart of Lahore is the Walled or Inner City, a very densely populated area of about one square kilometre. Founded in legendary times, and a cultural centre for over a thousand years, Lahore has many attractions for the tourist. The Mughal and Sikh legacy survives in the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and Gurdwara, the Mall is lined with colonial-gothic buildings from the British Raj , and the suburbs of Gulberg and Defence feature palatial mansions and trendy shopping districts.

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Iqbal Park, Lahore, Pakistan. K likes. Iqbal Park is an urban park; after renovation and expansion its name is Greater Iqbal Park located in the /5(74).

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Lahore has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and aesthetics. It was formerly known as Lawrence Gardens. Set in the heart of Lahore, this wonderful garden is a breathtaking experience especially for an early morning walk. Old trees add to the beauty of the surroundings and the flower shows are a treat at the moment the Chrysanthemum show is on and is just awesome. The new addition is the tulip plantation which was awesome last spring with some 16 varieties of tulips planted in neat beds spread like carpets of color.

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When it comes to shopping, Lahore is considered as people’s first choice because of its variety of shopping malls and shopping areas. Anarkali Bazaar Anarkali bazaar is an important market in Lahore. It is one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, dating back at least years. Anarkali is the oldest bazaar of South Asia and is named after the famous courtesan of Akbar’s court called Anarkali. There is the grave of Emperor Qutbuddin Aibak, who died falling off his horse playing polo.

The Old Anarkali Bazar is noted for traditional food items while the New Anarkali Bazar is noted for its traditional handicraft and embroidery cloths. The alleys and lanes of this bazaar are full of exciting wears, especially traditional crafts like leather wear, embroidered garments glass bangles, beaten gold and silver jewelry, creations in silk. Anarkali is also famous for Bridal wear shops.

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