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Fowler Museum presents ‘Axé Bahia: The Power of Art in an Afro-Brazilian Metropolis’

Salvador is the largest city in the Northeast Region, situated on a peninsula that extensively shields the Bay of All Saints from the Atlantic Ocean. It is presently the 3rd largest city in the country and was founded by the Portuguese as the capital of Brazil in the year It is considered to be one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas.

Overview: Upon seeing Iguassu for the first time, first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” Vastly larger than North America’s Niagara Falls, the Iguassu Falls are made up of separate cataracts that stretch for miles, plunging feet (82m) into the Iguassu River.

Health News Zika virus: The authorities in Ecuador, Colombia and El Salvador have recommended couples avoid pregnancy for the time being. A medical school in Honduras issued the same advice. Meanwhile the United States expanded a travel warning for pregnant women. With the sting of a mosquito bite and a fever, many pregnant women may not know that they caught the Zika virus — until it strikes their unborn child.

Babies across the region, and at least one in the United States, have been born with abnormally smaller heads — a condition doctors call microcephaly, which can cause brain damage. The scare has struck hardest in Brazil, which hosts the summer Olympic Games in August. It is one of 22 territories that the United States has warned pregnant women not to visit because of the Zika risk.

He has not spoken to me about Zika,” she told AFP. The World Health Organization WHO this week noted a surge in cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the country most affected by the current epidemic. Christian Lindmeier, the organisation’s spokesman said there were 3, suspected microcephaly cases in Brazil, which included 49 deaths.

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But then the hippies arrived. Georgina Wilson-Powell reports Friday 14 April The originally hippie heavens of Goa, Thailand and Bali are overrun with smoothie-slurping yoga nuts or digital nomads trying to launch an IPO-worthy company. Trancoso feels like discovering Goa in the s — a secret to be whispered round a fire and drawn on an old-school map.

Bahia was a center of sugar cultivation from the 16th to the 18th centuries, and contains a number of historical towns dating from this era. The state was also the last area of Brazil to join the independent confederation; it remained loyal to the Portuguese crown for two years after the rest of the country was granted independence.

Especially impressive are the diverse natural landmarks – many surprising geological monuments and areas with unique and endemic plants and animals. Few know it outside the country – but there are many beautiful historical cities. Many great monuments of architecture have been created in Brazil in the 20th century. Below are listed some of the most amazing landmarks. Natural landmarks Brazil belongs to the largest countries of the world and most of the country is located in tropics.

Thus it contains huge amount of very interesting geological and biological attractions including the largest rainforest in the world – Amazon Rainforest. Rock formations Diverse geology of Brazil has resulted in numerous very impressive rock formations met around the whole country. Below are listed some of the characteristic ones. Up to m deep and 6 km long canyon with unbelievable, very impressive sights. Additional charm is added by exotic, tall araucarias.

Granite and gneiss dome rising m above the sea level. The giant rock has some similarity to human face.

Zika virus: women in Colombia, Ecuador and El Salvador advised to postpone pregnancy

The Jesuits arrived in the city still in the 16th century and built a first church and college. In the second half of the 17th century the Jesuits built a new church – the one that exists today – in the Mannerist style then fashionable in Portugal. Interior of Cathedral of Salvador towards the main chapel. Inside, the cathedral is a one- aisled church of rectangular shape, without transept and with a very shallow main chapel.

BAHIA, BRAZIL: DECEMBER 8: Bahia’s traditional Capoeira group perform in front of The Farol da Barra lighthouse, on December 08, in Salvador, Brazil. BAHIA, BRAZIL: DECEMBER 8: Brazilian sunbathers enjoy a summer day at the Praia do Farol da Barra, .

The bay itself was named by the explorer Amerigo Vespucci during his second voyage , when he found it on All Saints’ Day 1 November , Over time, the bay became distinguished as the Bay of All Saints, the state as Bahia “Bay” , and its capital first as Bahia and then finally as Salvador. Under the Brazilian Empire , it was bound on the north by the Rio Real and by the Jequitinhonha on the south, [3] but Bahia now comprises an irregular shape bound by other states of Brazil , some of which were formed from it.

In the northwest, it is bordered by Tocantins. Formerly plied by paddlewheel steamers , the river is only navigable to small modern craft but is still vital to the arid west since it continuously supplies water during seasons when many other smaller rivers dry out. The Sobradinho Dam created one of the largest reservoirs in the world; other major hydroelectric projects along its length include the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex and the Itaparica or Luiz Gonzaga Dam.

The state is crossed from north to south by the Diamantina Tableland Chapada Diamantina , which divides it into two distinct geographical zones. To the east, the soil is fertile and the rain falls regularly. The western area is more arid [4] and its predominate vegetation the cerrado.

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Ragazza italiana salador de bahia fingerman italiana , salador , ragazza , bahia also known as All Saints’ Bay and Todos os Santos Bay, is the principal bay of the. Pestana Convento Do Carmo Where we ate: Bale Folclorico da Bahia Our guide to the city: Most of the executive taxis don’t have a very good online presence and often English speaking staff are hard to come.

Funciona como atracadouro para os pescadores locais. The material was copied from this source, which sei is available by a Creative Commons Attribution.

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Reachable only by boat or plane, the village has no paved streets or car traffic. There are, however, lots of hotels, pousadas and restaurants, as well as a few ATMs. The island’s beaches are nice and imaginatively named First, Second, Third and Fourth beach. Although it is a significant tourist destination, it still retains a feel of a Brazilian village, with kids playing kickabout in the main square and schools side-by-side with expensive stores on the main street.

By plane[ edit ] Morro has no actual airport, but charter flights from Salvador take 20 minutes and land on two runways, located respectively on the Third and Fourth Beaches. The latter take approximately two hours 15 minutes.

Photos of Salvador in Brazil, a Cultural and Historical Treasure

You will find our hotel right on the seafront in Noordwijk, a cosmopolitan North Sea resort about 15 km from Leiden and 30 km north of The Hague. Our restaurant and some of our 82 rooms give a good view over the white-sand dunes. From here, you can easily explore Leiden, with its quaint old town and canals, while Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and The Hague are less than 30 minutes from us.

Noordwijk is located in the Dutch dune and bulb region.

Castro Alves For the Brazilian municipality, see Castro Alves, Bahia. Antônio Frederico de Castro Alves (March 14, – July 6, ) was a Brazilian poet and playwright, famous for his abolitionist and republican poems.

She was born in the northeastern coastal town of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil on June 12, Her father, from whom she was estranged for most of her life, is Nelson Torres. Lima revealed that her father walked out on her family when she was six months old, but has been making recent attempts to reconcile. Coming from a poor family, her first time leaving her country and first time on a plane was when she was She was raised mainly by her mother and grandmother.

Lima never thought about being a model. Both sent in pictures, and the contest sponsor soon asked Lima to come out for the competition. She subsequently entered the Ford Supermodel of the World contest and finished in second place. She also appeared in the book A second decade of Guess? Her April GQ cover was the highest-selling issue that magazine for the year. She graced the cover of GQ Magazine April issue which brought a record number of web hits for GQ online[citation needed] and appeared only in shoes, diamonds and gloves for the November issue of Vanity Fair celebrating 20 years of supermodels with her fellow Angels.

Her first fashion show for the company came a year later, and since being contracted as an Angel in , she has appeared on subsequent shows ever since, with her most notable walk in as the show opener.

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Salvador Norte Shopping Shopping Bela Vista The first thing that anyone wanting to shop in Salvador should know is that it is essential to barter. If pushed they will always go lower. If you are looking for souvenirs you may want to check out Litoral Norte located at Rua Gregorio de Matos They sell tshirts and other items. If you want local art you should visit Pelourhino. There are many galleries that double as stores.

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Juice of 1 lemon 1 tsp finely-chopped peanuts Cut chicken into 2-inch chunks and brown with oil in skillet, 6 to 8 minutes. Add tomato, onion, cilantro, dende oil, coconut milk, garlic and lemon juice. Sprinkle with ground peanuts. Cook over low heat 25 minutes before serving hot. This recipe yields 4 servings appx. The dende, or palm oil, extracted from the palm tree, originally from the African west coast, gives typical dishes an attractive reddish yellow color and delicious smell that is said to “open your appetite”.

Have a tall glass of water ready before you begin eating an Afro-Brazilian meal. The pepper is hot.

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This amazing location is best appreciated by visiting both sides of the border; while the Brazilian side offers the best panoramic viewing of the falls, the Argentine side allows closer access. The main attraction at the falls is the magnificent “Devil’s Throat,” or Garganta del Diablo, which can be seen and heard from a half mile away. The awesome power of the surging water at this site is bound to impress even the most jaded traveler.

There are many activities offered in the vicinity of the falls, including hiking, wildlife viewing, thrilling boat adventures, and a meal with a view at the Garganta del Diablo Restaurant overlooking the falls. Located approximately two hours by plane from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil, the falls are a highlight of any visit to these beautiful countries.

Since limited flight schedules prohibit visiting and returning in a single day, we recommend a stay of 2 to 3 days to enjoy the area fully. Visitors should make sure to plan adequately in advance, as hotels do fill up. On the following page we provide information to assist you with your travel-planning, including recommended itineraries to ensure a memorable visit. Argentinian Side Excursion View the waterfalls from the Iguazu National Park, where a series of well-constructed catwalks allow visitors incredible access to the falls, including a trip to the very cusp of the “Devil’s Throat.

This is the main excursion in Iguazu and the highlight of every trip to the region.

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