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Although scholars still dispute the interpretation of the name, [12] there remain a few noteworthy interpretations. The oldest known form of the city’s name is Astnide, which changed to Essen by way of forms such as Astnidum, Assinde, Essendia and Esnede. The name Astnide may have referred either to a region where many ash trees were found or to a region in the East of the Frankish Empire. Early history[ edit ] The oldest archaeological find, the Vogelheimer Klinge , dates back to , — , BC. Land utilization was very high — especially due to mining activities during the Industrial Age — and any more major finds, especially from the Mesolithic era, are not expected. Finds from 3, BC and onwards are far more common, the most important one being a Megalithic tomb found in Simply called Steinkiste Chest of Stone , it is referred to as “Essen’s earliest preserved example of architecture”.

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Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite. The opinions expressed are his own. If they understood this hedge-fund billionaire, the financial regulation now emerging from Congress might look different. Simons is a poster child for the hedge-fund industry. His team of scientists in Long Island manages a black-box fund called Medallion, which has been up every year since , usually posting gains of well over 50 percent.

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Allerdings sind diese Verbindungen oftmals nur sehr kurzlebige Reaktionsintermediate, die entsprechend schwer zu untersuchen sind. In den vergangenen Jahren wurden jedoch erste generelle Konzepte entwickelt, mit denen Radikale erfolgreich stabilisiert werden konnten. Die Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. In der Nachwuchsgruppe von Jun. Effizienzbestimmend ist dabei die Bildung des Koppelprodukts Sauerstoff. Diese Frage steht im Mittelpunkt eines Symposiums am Jetzt konnte jedoch eine solche lokal selektive Chemie auf der Nanoskala nachgewiesen werden.

Er stellt darin neue Wege vor, lasergenerierte Nanopartikel speziell auf Anwendungen in der Energietechnik und Katalyse zuzuschneiden. Der Preis ist mit 5. Jochen Niemeyer entwickelt wurden. Die Ergebnisse dieser Studie wurden zur Publikation in Chem.

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The VIN plate is not in the right place and stamped in the wrong way. I think someone used the papers from the for this Grifo. Other experts claim that the engine itself is not the genuine unit fitted to the original car as the number marked is from a a car built eight years later. A spokesman for Essen police has confirmed that the car has been impounded while allegations of fraud are investigated and that inquiries are still on-going and officers as officers try to establish if the vehicle was actually sold at the auction, as claimed by some sources.

But Coys have strenuously denied the car had actually been sold at the auction and described it as “an unfortunate situation. But a spokesman for the firm said: However I can confirm that no sale has taken place on the car and that the matter is being resolved properly. Using an Italian-designed body the cars were fitted with V8 American engines which meant they could do nearly 70 in first gear and had a top speed of miles an hour.

A leading UK historic car market expert said: But in the end they are simply acting as agents between the vendor and the purchaser.

You’re better in real life.

This book is beautiful. The story inside feels so real. It almost feels like Tiuri, the main character here, sits across the room telling me the story himself, and help me learnt so much. I won’t forget this book, that is for sure.

Developing bhp in its GT incarnation, the well-proven litre V12 engine was coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, while the car’s blistering performance – top speed mph, mph in seconds – was restrained by Girling ventilated discs all round.

Access is free for in-house lawyers, and by subscription for law firms. For more information, contact david. The practice surrounding the renowned Christian Harmsen stands out from competitors due to its work in connection with antitrust and pharmaceutical law. Highlights included representing Edwards LifeSciences in patent infringement proceedings around heart valve prostheses against Boston Scientific and acting for Valeo in several patent infringement proceedings, such as against Mitsubishi regarding alternating current generators and other competitors concerning ultrasound transducers.

Broadcom was a client in connection with disputes with Asus and Invensas. The firm also continues to be very active in the telecoms sector:

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Is race a factor in dating? Walton Nov 05, Sections Behavioral Science If race is still an issue in arenas such as sports, the justice system, and hiring, how does it play out in our social lives? Fisman and Sheena Iyengar , and Stanford University’s Itamar Simonson wondered how race might be involved in dating choices. So what’s going on when people are still single?

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Roman Empire Reconstruction of ancient Roman fort just south of the Limes Germanicus at Saalburg In the first century AD, after a series of military campaigns, the Romans were able to conquer what is now most of western and southern Germany from the Germanic and Celtic tribes living there. The limits of the Roman empire were marked by the “Limes”. Sections of the raised bank can still be seen and walked along.

However, in Roman times the Limes were anything but a rigid border and trade and occasional Roman military expeditions influenced most of what is now Germany up to at least the fourth century AD. Several cities that are still important in Germany today were founded by the Romans as military bases and later, settlements, including Mainz , Wiesbaden , Cologne and Bonn. The most impressive Roman remains in Germany can be found in Trier , the oldest German city.

Charlemagne is often associated with France, but his realm was vast; his capital was in Aix la Chapelle, known today in German as Aachen. Remains of Charlemagne’s winter imperial palace the Kaiserpfalz can be seen in the town of Ingelheim. Starting in the early Middle Ages, Germany started to split into hundreds of small states, with strong regional differences that endure to this day, for example in Bavaria.

During this period the power of local princes and bishops increased, their legacy being the many spectacular castles and palaces like the Castle Wartburg in Eisenach , Thuringia. Other cities also came to prominence from inland trade routes, such as Leipzig , Nuremberg and Cologne. Some Medieval guild halls are still standing and can be visited today.

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Cut 4 pocket pieces, shaped like image below, make sure to include a quarter to half inch of a lip fo attaching to the skirt. Mine were at least 4 inches longer than my hands. In the top four corners of all 2 rectangles, sew the lip of the pocket right sides of pocket and skirt together , quarter inch in or half inch in. Gather the front rectangle front part of you skirt to half your waist size. Then gather the back of the skirt to be bigger than half you hip size.

You will gather the back more when you sew it to the band. Or you can gather it after step 5. Cut a waistband width you like I like 2 to 3. Make the length just as long as yours hips are wide plus 2 inches. Iron the waistband in half, making the long edges touch leaving a half inch on both ends for seam allowance. So then you will be able to sew the waistband closed without a hard time.

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A book with his recipes: After I learned how to make a wild yeast starter, and bake my first bread from a French cookbook, I had always saved a portion of the dough for my next loaf. Advancing from a series of weapon grade, dense and chewy “bricks” to more edible breads, this method had worked very well for me, until I branched out and started baking other types of bread than just my everyday German Feinbrot.

My typical German Feinbrot was originally made with old dough The old dough was replaced by a whole wheat mother starter, and all but forgotten as a viable rising agent.

Only one junction near the railway station has a strong resemblance to this design. This is pictured to the right. This is the only junction in Assen where a commonly used left turn requires use of two traffic lights, both of which are likely to delay you.

Tk John Peel Sessions Omitted is track 20 Stranger In The House, officially released. Sourced from vinyl bootlegs, scratchy with a skip on Track 3. Not sourced from vinyl. Raw soundboard with Elvis sounding gruff. Remastered with better position of the track starts, the last track is complete with a nice fade and not sharp ending. Also some minor sound enhancements. Remastered by Neon Kaiser, February No ambience, sterile quality. This is the original show and not a rebroadcast.

Also known as the Angry Young Sod bootleg. But this version is pre-FM tapes. Elvis Costello – Agora, Cleveland

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Rosanne Cash – Live In Session On Morning Becomes Eclectic, (no label 1CD dime ) Studio with audience session from The Apogee Studio, Santa Monica, California, on or around Jan 9, and b’cast on KCRW FM Jan 16,

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