Timeline of Algiers A Phoenician commercial outpost called Ikosim which later developed into a small Roman town called Icosium existed on what is now the marine quarter of the city. The rue de la Marine follows the lines of what used to be a Roman street. Roman cemeteries existed near Bab-el-Oued and Bab Azoun. The city was given Latin rights by Emperor Vespasian. The bishops of Icosium are mentioned as late as the 5th century. He had earlier built his own house and a Sanhaja center at Ashir, just south of Algiers. Although his Zirid dynasty was overthrown by Roger II of Sicily in , the Zirids had already lost control of Algiers to their cousins the Hammadids in Nominally part of the sultanate of Tlemcen, Algiers had a large measure of independence under amirs of its own due to Oran being the chief seaport of the Ziyanids. Thereafter, a considerable amount of trade began to flow between Algiers and Spain.

Culture of Qatar

By Albert Bates , originally published by The Great Change December 3, “Those of us who have been attending these meetings for the past 20 or more years have felt very frustrated by the slow progress and the lack of an international treaty. Exemplary work by Wackernagle, Rees, Meadows, Daly, Costanza, Rockstrom and others points a direction forward, but it always comes around to some international agreement. What will it take to get that? Fang cun literally means a “square inch”.

However, the expression “square inch” refers to the chakra that is situated in the “square inch” between the eyebrows. So at some point we have to get up off our zafus and work at a greater scale.

Sep 01,  · Of course typical of the salsa scene, it’s 80 percent the same people. I may have in a club last week, but a few months ago met one with another friend whos friend was dating her. If you want to know how they look, they look like some light skin Pakistan, Indians and Arabs without any light features. Doha Qatar mini report (

And an appropriate symbol for the rise of its Qatari owners and their ever-growing influence here in Britain. From the ruins of the financial crisis, this tiny Gulf state has snapped up a range of famous British assets, and if you were to take a look from the upper storeys of the Shard, quite a few would be in view. Qatar is one of the few countries able to do business and talk politics with almost anyone.

Its advocates say it is in an ideal position to help reshape the Middle East pictured: Doha city skyline Qatar owns swathes of the Canary Wharf financial district through its majority holding in Songbird Estates plc To the east, Qatar owns swathes of the Canary Wharf financial district through its majority holding in Songbird Estates plc.

When Barclays was in trouble at the height of the banking turmoil, the Qatar Investment Authority QIA emerged as a white-knight investor, and became the biggest shareholder. Its influence is everywhere. Qatar is smaller than Belgium yet seems to be laying claim to the future of our capital. Its real influence, however, which could yet shape the lives of millions of ordinary Britons, is invisible and still growing. Qatar is preparing for decades more of boom. Its population is expected to double within a decade as more foreign businesses and construction workers flood in pictured above: But that figure is rising, and by the final quarter of , Qatari supplies had jumped to For some, at least, our dependence on Qatar for a major part of our power has become a significant cause for concern.

LNG already accounts for one quarter of the UK gas supply.

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Firstly if you are here to chase tail I would recommend that you think twice. Doha is good for getting work experience and saving some cash well if you can do that as it can be quite expensive. Heres the lowdown,,,, Weather- it gets in the mid 50s in the summer. For my American friends That is over Fahrenheit.

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Set in the Egyptian city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean, Hawi tells the story of a prisoner released on a mission to retrieve a set of documents, of a man who roams the streets with his sick horse, and a group of songwriters. Also at the five-day festival which closed late on Saturday, Fares was crowned best director for his comedy, Balls, in which his real-life father plays a lonely widower making a return to the dating scene.

British director Justin Chadwick won the Audience Award for ‘First Grader’, the story of a elderly Kenyan farmer who decides to join school in an attempt to finally learn how to read and write. It opened with French-Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb’s ‘Outside the Law’ about a massacre of mostly unarmed Algerian civilians by French soldiers, a controversial movie which stirred anger in France. The action-thriller opens with the massacre in the town of Setif and focuses on three Algerian brothers who survive and then live in France where they join Algeria’s armed independence movement.

As the movie hit French screens in September, Le Parisien newspaper’s front page read:

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If you need a touch-up and forgot to pack your lipstick or powder before heading out the hotel, those are great spots to find a quick fix. Georgina Donn Eveandboy is a Thai-owned store that is always packed with customers, from school girls to professional working ladies. The reason is simple:

English: Street view of Souq Waqif, a souq in the Mushayrib district of Doha, capital of iterated to “the standing market,” Souq Waqif, is a former livestock market from end of 19th century / beginning of the 20th century, and has become today a popular place with all kind of shops, restaurants and Shisha lounges.

October 14, shares When travelling in India, safety is a concern and a question often asked about, especially in the capital city of New Delhi. Certain notions exist, making it unnerving for women travellers to plan an itinerary. Though New Delhi can be challenging, it is by no means categorically unsafe. These hotels take special care of their female guests at no extra cost, just make sure you inform them of your travel status.

The Westin, Gurgaon Pic credit: You will appreciate the oversized bathroom, which features a dedicated makeup table as well as a luxurious rainforest shower and a separate bathtub for soaking away stress. The room also has space for two circular love seats, one in the corner and one by the window — perfect for a book and a glass of wine, our real true loves! If you feel like having some alone time and want to avoid the coffee shops altogether, you will appreciate the in-room tea caddy.

The Westin is also famous for their signature patented Heavenly Bed , complete with seven layers of crisp bedding and pillow-top mattress for that much needed beauty sleep. To provide an extra sense of security, the rooms have a doorbell with video function and most assuring of all, the Aura Rooms are exclusively serviced by female associates.


As I entered the store I was a bit startled by the scene before my eyes. All around me were men scrambling to purchase flowers, chocolates, and other gifts for their significant others. Many of these men quickly found the nearest bouquet of flowers and dropped them into their shopping cart. How much do these men personally prioritize their romantic relationship in comparison to work and leisurely activities?

In Kathmandu, we met local boy Tilak, who showed us the small gay scene in Thamel and told us more about what gay life is like in Nepal. Whilst the country is very progressive on paper, and to foreigners, for the local LGBTQ community, Nepal is still very conservative, and for this reason Tilak asked that we keep his identity anonymous.

Dating back to BC, they are considered to be among the oldest human statues ever found. The site, known as ‘Ain Ghazal , dates back to BC and spans an area of 15 hectares 37 acres. It was a typical aceramic Neolithic village that accommodated around 3, inhabitants. Its houses were rectangular mud-bricked buildings that included a main square living room, whose walls were made up of lime plaster.

By , when the excavations started, around meters 2, feet of road ran through the site. Despite the damage brought by urban expansion, the remains of ‘Ain Ghazal provided a wealth of information. Thirty-two figures were found in two caches, fifteen of them full figures, fifteen busts, and two fragmentary heads. Three of the busts were two-headed, the significance of which is not clear.

Ammon provided several natural resources to the region, including sandstone and limestone, along with a productive agricultural sector that made Ammon a vital location along the King’s Highway , the ancient trade route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia , Syria and Anatolia.

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To continue the negative connotations, there have also been stories about the “slavery conditions” which some foreign workers building the World Cup infrastructure are being subjected to. That said, how does Qatar rate as a stopover destination if you want to break your journey on the way to or from Europe? Feeling a little nervous, I spent a day in the capital, Doha, to find out.

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Liyanage has ordered two female lady teachers and a nine year old child of Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha to be forcibly detained in the staff accommodation against their wishes, until he arrives from Colombo on the 17th of October Prior to leaving for Colombo last Wednesday, Ambassador Liyanage gave this order and placed people loyal to him to guard their apartment and prevent them from leaving the building. She is also a student of Stafford Sri Lanka Doha School and has now being deprived of attending school today.

Friends and close associates of the two teachers reached out to Colombo Telegraph to break this story hoping to seek relief from local authorities in Qatar, as no complaint could be made against the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, due to him holding diplomatic immunity. Two days ago Ambassador A. Liyanage had verbally humiliated these two teachers names withheld to protect their identities prior to handing them letters of termination from their employment in front of a gathering of men, comprising of his appointed School Board Members and Sri Lankan Embassy officials at the Stafford School office.

Paka weda karanna epa. Ambassador Liyanage claimed that it was these two teachers who had instigated the crowds to taunt, hoot and jeer him. The day prior to the rugby encounter, Colombo Telegraph broke a story and published photographs of Ambassador A. The published story which went viral saw many writers take to social media and question the actions of Ambassador Liyanage, especially as the Rajapksa sons hold no official status in the country.

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If you are transferring to the Indian subcontinent, you may find yourself wondering how to meet interesting people of the opposite or same sex. After all, with a billion people to boot, surely there are some candidates worth knowing? Then again, that means there are a billion people to navigate through. Where do you get started? We turn to the online world.

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Expat women living in Qatar will find that the government policies of the Arabian Peninsula make for a unique life that usually demands certain initial adjustments. Furthermore, following the lead of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser the chairperson of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and also one of the wives of the previous emir women are employed and educated at all levels of society.

These familiar rights will make most newcomers comfortable in their surroundings. Qatar also practices religious tolerance and there are several Christian facilities, including an official Catholic church, in addition to the mosques around the country. Those who practice other religions are free to do so, but proselytising is illegal. Those things taken into account, both men and women should realise that Qatari society is engaged in a constant balancing act between the traditional and modern.

This means that old-world values, such as gender-segregated schooling environments, are still upheld and considered core to national identity. Similarly, males are considered the natural head of the family, and Western expats should be prepared for a typically patriarchal society. Dress in Qatar While non-Qatari women are not expected to wear the abaya, a black robe-like covering, expat women should dress appropriately when at shopping malls, the souqs, the Corniche and other public areas.

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Qatar was ruled by many different powers through the centuries, in fact historians have traced human habitation dating back years. From its earliest history, Qatar was a very important trade route connecting Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. Among its occupiers were the Portuguese, the Ottomans and finally the British during the turbulent years of the 20th century. View more request a quote request a quote Qatar gained independence in , and with resources from oil exportation, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad made improvements in social programmes including education, health and housing.

In , his son, His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani assumed the throne and brought with him a modern and progressive approach that quickly transformed the country. It became the capital of the British protectorate of Qatar in

Christianity in Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Because of Islam ‘s stance on figurative art , paintings and plastic arts played a relatively insignificant role in Qatari culture until the discovery of oil in the mid th century. Calligraphy was most prized in society because of its close connection with Islam. The Qatari Fine Arts Society was established in with the objective of promoting the works of Qatari artists. His art work has been displayed internationally.

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Facilities[ edit ] Facilities inside the five-storied museum include temporary and permanent galleries, a gift shop, a library, a cafe, a seat theater, classrooms and a restaurant. External facilities that form part of the crescent shaped MIA park include walking tracks, cycling tracks, a carousel, cafes, rest rooms and boat rentals. Admission to the museum and park are free. The park is open 24 hours to cater to residents of the city. Architecture[ edit ] The museum is influenced by ancient Islamic architecture , yet has a uniquely modern design involving geometric patterns.

It is the first of its kind to feature over 14 centuries of Islamic art in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. Occupying a total area of 45, m2, the museum is located on an artificial peninsula overlooking the south end of Doha Bay. Construction of the building was done by a Turkish company, Baytur Construction in The interior gallery spaces were designed by a team of Wilmotte Associates. The museum was officially opened on November 22, by the then emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad.

Pei had to be coaxed out of retirement to undertake this enterprise. He traveled throughout the Muslim world on a six-month quest to learn about Muslim architecture and history and read Muslim texts to draw inspiration for his design.

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