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No one ever told me that was going to happen! I remember begging my nurse to give me a few of the pads that you crack and they instantly become ice packs to take home. They seemed to be the only thing that helped ease some of the sting. Only problem was that she only gave me three. Here is where Padsicles come into play, as they are such an easy and amazing DIY for postpartum. Make about 20 — 24 I made a full 24 pads with aloe vera, witch hazel and lavender essential oil. Store them in the freezer and when you get home, you have a handful of soothing pads in your first few days home. The aloe vera and witch hazel have healing properties, so it will actually aid in your healing while giving you some relief.

15 of the Best Homemade Anniversary Gifts

Lily Choi I was talking to another Asian friend about dating — bad dates, embarrassing dates, funny dates — when we inevitably got to the topic of dating as women of color. As I said it, the truth of the words hit me. A guy I used to date asked one day to look at my eyes up close. He preferred women without make-up, but I have sparse eyebrows and monolids, like a lot of Asian women, which means I usually need a little more eye makeup than most.

Doug Funnie is your average ½ year old. But his move to a new town means a whole new life! Good thing he’s got his journal and his imagination to help him deal with whatever comes his way.

It was later discovered by Dipper Pines. It is the third and final installment in a series of books preceded by Journal 1 and Journal 2. It contains an encyclopedic collection of information on the variety of paranormal and supernatural creatures living in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Disney released the real world edition of Journal 3 on July 26, The standard edition contained the show’s contents of Journal 3, as well as additional information.

Contents History The strange machine in the metal tree.

DIY Braces – Can you Straighten Teeth Without Braces?

Fourteen organizations from across the state received grants for projects in line with the mission of the Red Ants Pants Foundation. Grant funding from the Red Ants Pants Foundation will help with the production of a video for elementary students about the production of beef in Montana. Blue Dog Provisions are made of only one ingredient — smoked Montana beef, lamb and pork offal that come straight from the butcher shop!

Funds from the Community Grant will be used for logo and packaging design. Funds will go towards the construction of a root washer so the farm can increase production of carrots, beets, celeriac and potatoes and grow their small business. While Montana is the largest producer in the country of organic and non-organic lentils, most people in the state are not familiar with this powerhouse food.

Keeping in the spirit of journals, I wanted to start one with my spouse. I call this type of a journal a COUPLE’S JOURNAL.. My husband and I are both authors in this journal.

Are you a book lover or do you know someone who is? Play on your love of books and utilize used books to create unique home decor projects. Dry them out and turn them into practical planters. Book Clock — Turn a book into a functional and decorative clock. If you come across your childhood stash, consider turning them into a decorative birdhouse as a way to preserve them. Window and Book Coffee Table — Repurpose an old window and used books into a cool coffee table.

Book Bookcase — Utilize used books to make a bookcase for your books.

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I love how they move, how they sit, how they kiss. I love how they play air guitar, quote Wedding Crashers, man the grill and roughhouse together. I love to hear them bitch about their sports team losing, observe them trying and failing to be subtle when checking me out, or watch them wrestle their dog. I love how they beat the steering wheel when they get really into a song, how they posture when a really hot girl walks by, and how most of them genuinely want to be good lovers.

I love how different they are from me and how similar they are underneath. But when it really comes down to it, the things that make a man sexy have very little to do with the packaging.

News, advertising and marketing for New York’s mid-Hudson Valley including all of Dutchess County from the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Next Prev You can use any size wood or material you would like to make your book. Today we are using a thin Plyboo. Measure out your book size using a folded piece of standard paper 8. Trace the folded paper out 2 times on your material 8. Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges of the covers. Drill the covers Next Prev Tape the covers together using masking tape and measure an inch in from the top and bottom of the covers. Mark a dot on the inch and 2 inch indents and repeat on the bottom. Now we are ready to start filling our covers with pages.

DIY Road Trip Binder for Kids

See these examples on Flickr. On the other hand, an inexpensive tripod is worth getting, especially if you have shaky hands like mine. When I got a tripod, my satisfaction with my shots skyrocketed.

In my ongoing quest to find and use the perfect digital diary or journal, I think the private online and mobile diary and journal site Loccit may be just everything I need in this regard.

Beth Gillette Feature Image By: These apps have entirely changed the way our society views dating and relationships. Being a plus size woman, however, there come even more challenges than the usual. Since the start of my dating app days, I have learned a lot about how to navigate these apps in a way that is empowering and builds my confidence rather than doing the opposite.

I can recall meeting a guy from Tinder in real life and him completely rejecting me because he thought I looked different in my pictures. After that, I was terrified to meet up with anyone, changed all my pictures, and basically stopped opening the app. Rather than getting down on myself, I really should have remembered that it was his fault for wanting to tear me down like that. Unmatch Anyone Who Shames Your Body Aside from the internal criticism, it is incredibly common for men on these sites to comment on how I look.

Sure, it hurts to see something like that regardless of how much self-love and acceptance you have, but it acts as a reminder that you are the boss of your own life and matches! Pay Attention to the Signs of Fetishization There is a big difference between someone desiring your body and loving you for your perceived flaws and them fetishizing your weight. If a match constantly makes comments about your size, asks about specific numbers in regards to your weight, encourages you to eat more or gain weight in an unhealthy way, or refers to you in common fetishizing words, that probably means he or she is a hard no.

It is important for someone to be attracted to who you are rather than being obsessed with a specific trait about you.

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That is why when we heard that people are constructing DIY braces to straighten their teeth, we were shocked to say the least. At our practice, we are open to new approaches to dentistry, but we evaluate all new techniques and materials with a thorough analysis of the peer-reviewed scientific research combined with our experience and common sense. In this article, we will apply this philosophy and give you the facts and our opinions of DIY braces.

What are DIY Braces? As you can see, this girl wore rubber bands around her teeth to bring them together. Although shot in , this video has somehow managed to resurface into public circulation, causing a lot of buzz and controversy.

★ Keep those special memories in this special T-HAOHUA photo album ★ This exclusive scrapbook is designed to keep those travel memories, anniversary party, wedding event and other remarkable moments stored in a strong book for years to come.

Share shares ‘If you have been told by your doctor or optician that you are at risk of AMD, you should let your doctor know within 24 hours of doing this test. Even for the general population, it is important to see an optician very quickly and ask for a review. Scrape the edge of a teaspoon along the top of your tongue as far back as possible, seal the spoon in a plastic bag and sit it under a bright lamp for one minute – then sniff. A fruity smell could indicate ketoacidosis which can be a sign of diabetes [file photo] What it means: A healthy tongue coating should be clear, but if the coating that comes off on the spoon is thick, coloured or smells unpleasant, it could be an early sign of problems with your respiratory system, your liver, kidneys, hormones or gut.

This test is the closest indicator of how your breath smells to other people. A sample from the back of the tongue is key because a coating of bacteria can build up more easily here unlike the front of the tongue, which cleans itself as it rubs against the teeth and roof of the mouth. The hot lamp grows the bacteria – and amplifies the odour. A fruity smell could indicate ketoacidosis when your body burns fat for energy, which can be a sign of diabetes , an ammonia smell could be kidney problems and other smells can indicate gastric or lung problems.

See your GP if you are concerned. But be reassured, research suggests that 90 per cent of all cases of halitosis bad breath have a less sinister oral origin gum disease, infected tonsils, cracked fillings or tooth decay , so see your dentist. Lie on a bed or sofa and elevate both legs to a degree angle on cushions. Hold them there for one minute then quickly hang your legs down over the side of the bed or sofa at 90 degrees.

If one or both of your feet become very pale when elevated but take several minutes to return to a normal pink colour, or become bright red when hanging, you could have blocked arteries and an increased risk of heart disease.

DIY Moleskine Journal/Sketchbook Textblock (Part 1)