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This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver SuperTruss Extension allows you to tow while using a camper without overhang.

gooseneck cushion ball Maximum Tow Weight: = 20, lbs Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy duty unit, however it is imperative that any weight capacity ratings are not exceeded on either the gooseneck hitch receiver system that is mounted on your tow vehicle, or the Shockerhitch.

Gooseneck Hitch mounting to bed bolt locations? A cousin of mine has a ’91 with a underbed hitch that was custom made. His uses the old style gooseneck ball that you slip in the hole and put a pin underneath the truck. This plate is only 12″ square and fits around the ball when in place. Pull the pin, ball and wear plate and he has a flat bed just like mine. I once thought that it was always better to build everything myself that I needed.

Then I realized that with the time I spent building one project, I kept pushing others back. Then nobody EVER figures in the cost of their personal labor rate for a custom project. Then your stuck working on that one project instead of working on other things.


Tow hitch , Fifth wheel coupling , and Ringfeder Trailer-hitch on a large vehicle A trailer hitch, fifth-wheel coupling or other type of tow hitch is needed to draw a trailer with a car, truck or other traction engine. Ball and socket[ edit ] A trailer coupler is used to secure the trailer to the towing vehicle. The trailer coupler attaches to the trailer ball.

A fifth wheel hitch costs much more than most gooseneck hitch models. Finally, if you plan to do a lot of hauling in the truck’s box when you’re not towing, you will probably prefer the gooseneck hitch, since it doesn’t take up much, if any, space in your box.

How to Hitch a Horse Trailer Follow these steps every time for a safe and successful journey with your horse. Tweet Hooking a trailer quickly and correctly requires practice and patience. Next, line up your tow vehicle with the front of the trailer. Some truck liners have round impressions in the pour-in liners that denote the middle of the bed. Additionally, you can spray a small circle in the center of your truck bed to help you line up properly, or lay down a broom or farriers rasp to help guide you.

Once you get the ball under the hitch, crank the jack down until the hitch lowers on to the ball and release the lock. Plug in your electric. On most rigs, you can check all lights at once by turning on both running lights and emergency flashers. If you own a gooseneck, close the tailgate. Hook your safety chains. Safety chains on a bumper pull should be crossed this prevents the tongue from dropping to the ground and digging in if trailer comes off the ball. Hook the safety chains or cables Hook your emergency brake to the tow vehicle.

This cable on a bumper pull can run through your frame hitch and hook back to itself. In a gooseneck, it will hook in the same place as your chains.

RV5 Extended Kingpin

Shows the Hook-up Helper side view: Shows the Hook-up Helper top view with inside measurement of 2. Shows the Hook-up Helper side and top views with outside diameter of 2.

Excellent video instruction that shows you how to correctly and safely hook up a fifth wheel trailer.

New in Box with Full Manufacture’s Warranty. The perfect adapter for farmers and ranchers with gooseneck or 5th wheel trailers. The ranch hitch adapter offers the greatest amount of strength and versatility offered by any other hitch system. The installation is simple and takes roughly an hour to complete. Back your truck into position to hook up your 5th wheel.

Measure from the “pin plate” the bottom of the pin box down to the top of the ball in the bed of your truck. You should have 5″ or 6″ of clearance between the over-hang of the trailer and the sideboards of your truck, keeping in mind your 5th wheel should be level for traveling. The Ranch Hitch Adapter is very easy to use.

Most gooseneck receivers require you to get into the bed of your truck to latch the coupler; not so with the Ranch Hitch Adapter.

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Making Life Easy Are you tired of getting in and out of your truck bed to hookup your gooseneck trailer? Latching and unlatching your trailer is done by simply pulling a lever that mounts on the side of your trailer. Made in the USA, the Gooseneck Easy Coupler is factory mounted on a 4-inch tube made of stainless steel giving you a strong and durable product. It has a tough, long-lasting zinc coating to prevent weathering and rusting. It fits virtually any style of gooseneck trailer.

Our universal bracketed mirror attaches to your trailer allowing a clear view of your ball from inside the cab of your truck.

From a strong, custom-designed hitch platform to a professional-grade installation backed by a limited factory warranty, Sierra HD’s new Gooseneck/ Fifth-Wheel Prep Package is a valuable asset for those who tow gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers.

Many people have heard horror stories about how hard it is to back up to a trailer and hook up. In truth, most of these stories have some truth to them, but the good news is that with a few easy tricks and a little practice, anyone can hook up to a trailer like a pro. Backing Up With a Helper If you’re lucky, you’ll have a good helper to spot for you while you back up to your trailer.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to watch someone try to back up with a bad helper! The difference between a good helper and a bad helper is simply whether the helper knows how to pass information to the driver. And whether the helper knows left from right – that’s a big factor, too. Before you attempt to back up with a helper, establish what signals you expect to see. Chances are good that you can’t hear spoken or even shouted words, especially if you’re backing up in a diesel truck.


If your subscription is current, click here to Login or Register. The “Hitch’n Helper”, as he calls it, is a 6-in. Once the correct angle of the bracket is set and tightened, no further adjustment is necessary. The advantage of this mirror is that you only bring it out when you need it. Once you’ve hooked up, you can take it off and put it back in the cab.

A tow hitch (or tow bar) is a device attached to the chassis of a vehicle for towing, or a towbar to an aircraft nose gear. It can take the form of a tow ball to allow swiveling and articulation of a trailer, or a tow pin, or a tow hook with a trailer loop, often used for large or agricultural vehicles where slack in the pivot pin allows similar movements.

But it can be difficult and time consuming if you have to swap out hitches when you change trailer types , as we found out last year during one of our tests. For this situation, we used a PopUp GN5 gooseneck-to-fifth-wheel trailer adapter. With the GN5 adapter, it took us less than two minutes to modify a gooseneck Cimarron horse trailer so it would work with a fifth wheel hitch.

Bulldog gooseneck hitch A fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch relocates the point of truck-to-trailer contact from the conventional rear bumper position to a more centralized spot in the truck’s cargo box, most often over the rear axle. These trucks are designed to handle a heavy trailer, with the load either handled by a weight-distributing hitch or a fifth-wheel attached directly to the frame. Even though they function similarly, gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches use very different hardware.

A fifth-wheel receiver looks like a giant horseshoe. A gooseneck hitch looks like a conventional trailer receiver ball mounted on a plate in the bed. PopUp GN5 fifth wheel adapter left and Bulldog gooseneck hitch right In the case of our Cimarron trailer, its hitch featured an open housing that allowed us to slide out a Bulldog gooseneck coupler and slide in the GN5 fifth wheel adapter, so we could hook up the Cimarron to the fifth wheel in the back of the truck we were testing.

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Cushioned gooseneck trailer couplers take the bounce and jar out of rough riding trailers: These cushioned gooseneck trailer couplers have a vertical cushion inside the vertical tube and a round horizontal progressive shock dampening cushion just above the coupler. The couplers are mechanically cushioned and does not have the maintenance an air-cushion has. Extended cushioned gooseneck trailer couplers give you additional clearance between your tow vehicle cab and the trailer nose, and between the tow vehicle tailgate and the trailer bulkhead.

This gives you more clearance for additional trailer swing radius and more room for trailer hook-up. Extended cushioned gooseneck trailer couplers cause less than pounds less tongue weight on your tow vehicle, which will not change your towing experience.

Set Up an Equalizing Hitch Once you’ve dialed in enough tongue weight for stability (about 10 percent of the trailer’s weight), there may be too much pressure on the vehicle’s hitch.

How to Hook Up a Trailer Failure to hook a trailer up to a hitch correctly can lead to serious damage to your vehicle and the trailer. It also risks an accident to other vehicles around you, should you lose the trailer off the hitch while driving. Hooking up a trailer is a simple and straightforward process. Steps Raise your trailer tongue ball socket or coupler to a height to clear the ball. Use a jack attached to the tongue. Be sure to jack up enough so you have enough clearance so you do not hit the trailer.

Put the vehicle in park.

Gooseneck Hook-Up Helper

We feature six different styles. Our flatbed style is offered in both single and dual wheel versions. Our equipment style is built with the floor down in between the fenders and is available with a tilt bed or swing up loading ramps. We also offer car hauler goosenecks in two car, three car, and two truck versions. For hauling heavy equipment such as track hoes and dozers , we offer detachable gooseneck trailers in capacities up to 55 tons.

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Report to Moderator Posted: Sun Jan 14, 3: Back up Camera Gooseneck hitch I’m new to hooking up a gooseneck trailer and thought that a backup camera looking at the ball would be a good idea to try. I bought a cheap unit with the plan to just stick it on the aluminum tool box when I need it and then take it off and put it in the cab. The pickup is a short box with a back rack and a toolbox, so the ball is fairly close to the toolbox.

I can get ball and hitch lined up pretty good if I back straight in, but I’m having a heck of a time stopping at the ball.

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